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Hill Appraisal Associates, LLC uses mobile technology to get you faster, more accurate appraisals

Need an appraisal expeditiously? We've embraced mobile technology because we know you want services to be performed using the latest technology. Using the latest gadgets allows us to perform appraisals more efficiently and reliably than ever before.

Being a mobile appraiser means we no longer have to worry about carrying unnecessary equipment. Through an easy-to-use mobile device, the information is uploaded straight to the office without ever having to enter in that data again, meaning a quicker turnaround time for you.

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Cloud technology helps to make our appraisals more reliable too. We have constant access to our information through our devices, and mobile appraising apps make sure we don't miss a step. And, with the use of a laser measurer, we've replaced our tape measure for more reliable sketches.

As a perk, we're always ready to answer questions when you call or e-mail us. Mobile appraising makes us much more efficient, providing us with the forms and information we need at all times so we can focus on appraising.